Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Literally speaking

Literally speaking

So the other day was orthodontist day for Lego Dude. Not one of our favorite days. We are heading for braces and monthly payments in a big way.

I grab Lego Dude and Horse Crazy directly off the school bus and drive to the appointment. So when the orthodontist tells me that Lego Dude’s teeth are disgusting, I wasn’t too worried because he hadn’t brushed his teeth since the morning. But when I see just how disgusting they were, I realize its been a while. A long while. Gums are red and puffy. Teeth are fairly clean.

We tell Lego Dude he has to brush his teeth and he says, “I am!” At home, we discuss and he says, "I am!" After a demonstration of his brushing technique, I come to the following conclusion:

When Lego Dude says he brushes his teeth, he’s not kidding. He ONLY brushes his teeth. Just the teeth, not the gums. All this time and he hasn’t been brushing his gums! It’s funny actually and I can’t get mad at the poor kid because we keep saying, “BRUSH YOUR TEETH” and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

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